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“We at Cash Flow Tactics have created a four step process in The Financial Freedom Accelerator to help you achieve financial freedom in 10 years or less allowing you to build a life you love.”

STEP 1: Game Plan

The world of investing has changed and outdated financial advice is simply not working.  Investors like us realize that in order to get the results we want we have to be in control of our wealth and have a plan built on principle and sound tactics, not hope. 

In order to be financially free, we have to do things differently. We have to do things smarter. 

You are not a statistic.  You are not meant to be one dot lost in the sea of “market averages.”  You are unique.  You have your own dreams, goals and you know the what matters to you.  You are YOU.  And you need a game plan that is created uniquely and specifically for YOU.  Tailored to your circumstances and aimed to achieve your desires.

Our Financial Freedom Accelerator process begins by helping you get CLEAR about what three things:  Where you are now, Where you want to be, and the exact steps required to close that gap.  

This clarity will bring about a focus most have never had in their wealth.  You’ll be able to identify the 97% information that is holding you back from results, and focus on the 3% that actually works.

STEP 2 : The Vault

There are four major threats to you achieving financial freedom.  These are: the IRS, creditors and predators, market swings, and inflation.

In order to be free, you have to be protected from all four of these imminent threats. The super-rich, politicians, family dynasties, and all mainstream financial institutions protect their wealth using the exact same strategy.

There is one uniquely designed location that can do all of this, and it’s hiding in plain sight. It is authorized by the IRS to grow tax-free, is 100% guaranteed and insulated from the market, private and carries complete asset protection, and has beat inflation for over 100 years.

All this while remaining fully accessible for ANY purpose, without penalty and red tape.  This is the ONLY foundation strong enough to be the bedrock upon which you build your cashflow empire.

STEP 3 : Freedom Lies In CASHFLOW

In any financial strategy you need a way to keep score, to know if you are on track or off track.  Traditional strategies want you to measure your success (or lack thereof) using Net Worth.  This is irrelevant.  We will start off by focusing you on the assets that produce CASHFLOW as the only indicator of success.

From here we will show you the exact formula to turning investing into financial freedom.

We start by teaching you our Core Four process to systematically eliminate risk from your investments and gain maximum control over your results.  Then we will teach you how to increase the returns your investments make by applying the Four Pillars of Investing.  The outcome?  Higher returns with less risk.

STEP 4 : Stay Focused and Repeat

The only way to truly collapse time and achieve 40 years of financial results in 10 years or less is to be FOCUSED.   Deviations and distractions only slow you down and limit your results.  In any area of life that you have achieved massive results it’s not because you have been diversified it’s because you have been on point and focused.

With the first three steps in place we can now double down, eliminate distractions, and rinse and repeat the process until you have hit your target of Financial Freedom.

In the last step of our Financial Freedom Accelerator, we reveal the Wealth Pyramid which will help you quickly and easily eliminate all the noise and distractions.


Properties Secured


Monthly Cash Flow


Capital Secured


Tandrian Riddering

Charlotte, North Carolina

“I’m on pace to fully offset my mortgage within a year of my first rental purchase and be FREE in less than 10 years!”

Chad Peyton

Santa Cruz, California

“Within the last 12 months my entire personal economy has completely changed.  I have acquired 6 properties generating $2,585 per month.”

Tony Shaw

Anchorage, Alaska

“Within 90 days I have been able to purchase 4 houses and generate over $1,000 a month in cash flow.  I was blown away by the simple, time tested formula they teach.”

Julie Stolan

New Jersey

“For the first ever I feel like i have a place I can secure my wealth, I’m protected from market, the IRS and that’s removed all of the stress and anxiety around planning for financial freedom.”

“How To Be Financially Free In 10 Years Of Less Regardless Of Your Age, Income, Or Experience!”

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