The Reluctant Investor

I’d like to express my gratitude to CFT. You’ve taught me so much about wealth building and controlling risks to reach my retirement goals. You’ve changed my mindset and opened up amazing opportunities for me. My future is exciting.

Linda Lai

The Reluctant Investor

I had an experience over the Christmas holiday that made me think a lot about investing, and particularly about what holds back many smart, capable people from becoming successful investors.

At a family dinner party, I sat next to the spouse of one of my wife’s cousins.

We are about the same age, have similar backgrounds, interests, family dynamics, etc.

While we were talking, my brother-in-law, who just got married and is attending a local university interrupted our conversation to ask about renting a condo I own near the university.

We briefly talked about its location, features, price and availability. After making a note to let my property manager know that my brother-in-law wants to rent it as soon as its available, I came back to the conversation I was having with my wife’s cousin.

This interruption shifted our conversation onto me. He asked me about the property and real estate investing.

As he went deeper with his questions he discovered that I own over 20 similar properties. What fascinated him more was these were not all in my backyard but they were spread across the entire country.

He asked me to elaborate so I shared with him that I also regularly participate in investments such as apartment buildings, hotel developments and renovations as well as large office buildings.

Then he made this comment: “I wish I could invest like you but I’m just not a risk taker.”

I have been thinking about that statement for days now.

It made me think a lot about myself and my investing philosophy.

You see, I don’t view myself as a wild-west, gunslinging, riverboat gambler type.

On the contrary, my natural tendency is to research and fact-find. My background is accounting and statistics, and data and analysis often trip me up and slow me down.

As I thought about this, I remembered a great book written by one of my mentors Michael Masterson called “The Reluctant Entrepreneur.”

In the introduction, the author described himself and why he titled the book the way he did.

“I started my first business because I wanted all the benefits of entrepreneurship–the independence, the prestige, and the money.

But I have never been willing to risk much to get those benefits.

In other words, I wanted my cake. And I wanted to eat it too.

That’s why I call myself a “reluctant entrepreneur.”

Before doing business with CFT I probed them to find out what their core values are and how they deal with people. I came to the conclusion that these two have integrity and they take my financial goals seriously.

Jason Jenkins

This is exactly how I feel about myself as an investor.

arrow_right I want the returns, the passive income and the freedom that come from investing outside the typical advice of Wall Street.

no_entry_sign But I have never risked my life-savings into any single investment. Far from it.

no_entry_sign I also don’t time markets, buy and sell actively, or head up massive teams.

no_entry_sign I don’t spend my nights and weekends finding deals or swinging a hammer.

And yet, I became financially free in under 10 years by being what I call a Reluctant Investor. 🏖

arrow_right And you can too–regardless fo your age, current income or prior experience.

After learning how SIMPLE it is avoid risk, leverage the time and expertise of others, and still achieve massive results through my own experience I decided to see if I could teach others how to do the same.

Because if you do it once, you have a great story for a cocktail party. But if you do it repeatedly, you have a formula, a system.

So after successfully helping hundreds of clients become Reluctant Investors, I created and launched Cash Flow Tactics: The ONLY proven system to help anyone create financial freedom in 10 years or less.

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