Cash Flow is Your Championship Ring

I’d like to express my gratitude to CFT. You’ve taught me so much about wealth building and controlling risks to reach my retirement goals. You’ve changed my mindset and opened up amazing opportunities for me. My future is exciting.

Linda Lai

Cash Flow is Your Championship Ring

In the world of sports it seems like every week there is a new statistic that is being tracked.

Just about any player can be leading the league in some obscure metric.

But when you are measuring the greats of all time, there is ONE metric that ALWAYS matters.

arrow_right Championship Rings arrow_left

It’s virtually impossible to stay in the conversation if you don’t have one.

The world of investing is following suit.

It seems every few years a new investing trend comes along with data to prove how by following a newly uncovered formula, you too can be wealthy.

But these strategies are invented to make up for not having won the Big One.

…invest for the long run

…dollar cost averaging

…momentum investing

…etc, etc, etc.

Before doing business with CFT I probed them to find out what their core values are and how they deal with people. I came to the conclusion that these two have integrity and they take my financial goals seriously.

Jason Jenkins

Here is the TRUTH: In investing, if you don’t have cash flow you don’t have a ring

If you are tracking your success based on net worth, you don’t have a ring.

Valuations and net worth are simply someone else’s option of what your assets are worth. And they can change at any moment.

Just think back to 2008, or 2000, or 1990 or 1986 or…

…you get the picture.

But cash in your pocket is like a championship ring. No one can ever take it away or dispute it.

So, Real Wealth is NOT measured in dollars. Instead its measured in cash flow.

arrow_right Only when your cash flow exceeds your expenses are you truly wealthy.

You have wealth that no one can take away from you. You are truly FREE.

This is why we created Cash Flow Tactics. To help investors invest for cash flow not net worth.

To get started toward your own Championship Ring an create your first cash flow in as little as 90 days join us.


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