How much would you pay for a shortcut?

I’d like to express my gratitude to CFT. You’ve taught me so much about wealth building and controlling risks to reach my retirement goals. You’ve changed my mindset and opened up amazing opportunities for me. My future is exciting.

Linda Lai

How much would you pay for a shortcut?

Today’s culture is boarder-line obsessed with hacks, timesavers and silver bullets. Some shortcuts are good: like keyboard shortcuts and the Panama Canal.

Others are not so great: like the shortcut through the woods that non-protagonist characters take through dark woods in horror movies. Those NEVER work out. I would agree that as a general rule, shortcuts provide immediate benefits but end up costing you down the line.

There is ONE SHORTCUT that is worth spending time and money to find: a shortcut to knowledge.

You see, there are two ways to learn. You can learn from your OWN mistakes, or you can learn from the mistakes of OTHERS. I prefer the latter every time.

Rules for finding the right shortcut:

  • The only person you can trust is someone who has successfully navigated the shortcut themselves.

  • The shortcut must contain a system or a formula: Because if you do it once, you have a great story for a cocktail party. But if you do it repeatedly, you have a formula–a system.

  • The results must have been replicated with others (lots of others): Unless others can be led through the system or formula, its useless to you.

  • Never mistake a market trend for intelligence: Remember, a high tide raises ALL boats (even boats full of morons).

    The shortcut must be proven to work in booms and busts, and over long periods of time (6 months is NOT a long time (ahem…Bitcoin) and neither is 10 years). I prefer things that have worked for 50+ years.

Before doing business with CFT I probed them to find out what their core values are and how they deal with people. I came to the conclusion that these two have integrity and they take my financial goals seriously.

Jason Jenkins


Can there really be a shortcut to WEALTH?

This is EXACTLY what Cash Flow Tactics is: A short-cut to Knowledge.

It is the ONLY financial strategy that can help you obtain 40 years of financial results, in as little as 10 years. It is the system, the formula, I used to exit the rat race and become financially free in less than 10 years. After achieving the results myself, I began testing how others could do the same. I read and researched history to see if I could see patterns and improvements. I wanted to make sure history could validate my approach (it did).

What I found out is this formula had been hiding in plain sight for 200 years.

I then put my money where my mouth was and worked 1 on 1 to get results for others.

I personally have navigated this system through market peaks and crashes–with 100% success.

After hundreds of tests and refinements, I am opening up 10 spots for 2018 where I will take clients on a shortcut to CASH FLOW, a shortcut to RESULTS that will collapse 10 years of learning and implementation into 12 months.

The bad news is that this actually does require work and effort. I cannot do the work ON YOUR BEHALF. I am here to support and guide but not to babysit. It also requires capital. You cannot be broke. Also, it is not cheap. This is not another $197 course that promises the world on a silver platter.

But I will get results that 10x your investment.

The good news is you don’t need to be accredited, you don’t already need to be wealthy, and you don’t need to be in the top 1%. You also don’t need any prior experience and your age doesn’t matter.

All you have to do is follow the system and do the work. Ready?

“How To Be Financially Free In 10 Years Of Less Regardless Of Your Age, Income, Or Experience!”

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